Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Home Improvement Trends 2019

home improvement trends

So what are the hot home improvement trends in 2019? Want to optimize your home for beauty, comfort, and functionality? Check out some of the latest home improvement trends below.

New Cabinetry

Your cabinets can be either an eyesore or an asset to your home. Many older homes may have outdated cabinets that don't match the updated furniture and decor of your home. Installing modern cabinetry can exponentially improve the overall look of your home. You may also benefit from increased storage space from making this upgrade. Be sure to choose high-grade cabinetry that will be both durable and eye-catching.

Vinyl Flooring

Hardwood floors are declining in popularity. Many homeowners are now choosing engineered wood, vinyl, and laminate. There are so many beautiful options that are durable and more cost effective. This trend will probably be around for a while as new styles flood the marketplace. Installing new vinyl floors will not only improve the look of your home but will likely increase its value too.

Indoor Swings

Indoor swings have become increasingly popular for a reason. Swinging is no longer just an outdoor activity. Stylish, comfy and fun indoor swings can create a magical and whimsical feel to almost any space in your home. From living rooms to kids bedrooms, swings can create a relaxing mini-retreat. Installing an indoor swing can add life to your home.

Home Improvement Contractors

When you are ready to make some quality home improvements to your home, you need to choose a qualified company to take on the job. At Lang, we pride ourselves on being trusted home improvement contractors in Metro Atlanta. Tell us how we can help you with your next project.

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Friday, May 24, 2019

Lang Restoration Recent Customer Reviews

At Lang Restoration, we care about customer satisfaction. On every job, we focus on quality, durability, and value. Check out some recent customer reviews. 

"Having your entire home renovated can be a stressful process but Lang made it a very pleasant experience. As a business owner myself I always pay attention to the small details and make it a habit to over deliver and this is what Lang did. They paid close attention to the small details and consistently over delivered. Everyone at Lang was very nice/professional and the quality of work was exceptional. I can’t say enough about how they all went the extra mile. This includes the owner who personally came to my house to make sure things went smoothly, the Vice President that handled my estimate and paperwork, and especially my project manager that was the one that coordinated everything and made sure it was done right. My project manager caught issues before I even knew about then and just handled it. He was also accessible whether I had any issues or questions. I can't say enough good things about this company and their employees, their customer service, and the quality of work they provide. I'm very satisfied with the results and if I could give them more than 5 Stars I would. I highly recommend if you're having work done to your home to give Lang a try!!!"
Darius H.

"Wonderful workers came out to tear out the damaged areas..kept things cleaned as they worked..and were very professional...made them dessert because they were so nice..we even hugged when they left, felt like old far very pleased with this Company..and would recommend them for any work needed...they took all the stress out of a scary situation..."
Christing B.

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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Happy Easter from Lang Restoration

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Spring Home Updates

Spring is a great time of year for home updates. The weather is beautiful, the flowers are blooming and the festivals are starting. Why not spruce up your home too?

Check out these Spring Home Updates that can add beauty and value to your home:

Add or Update Your Deck or Patio: 

Spring is a great time to enjoy your back yard before the sweltering summer heat makes it impossible. If you don't have a deck or patio, adding one can improve the quality of your outdoor relaxation and add value to your home. If you already have a deck or patio, consider some updates like fresh paint, adding flowers or new patio furniture.

New Interior Paint

Fresh and lively paint colors and transform your home and your mood. Consider checking out some of the latest paint color trends and adding a little vibrancy and color to your home. Let the beauty of Spring come inside this year.

Improve Your Landscaping

Your landscaping says a lot about your home. If you have not kept up with your landscaping during the winter, it will be highly evident in Spring. Weeds will begin growing wildly and the bright sunny days will showcase your unkempt shrubbery and grass. Take some time to work on your landscaping or consider hiring a professional.

Make Necessary Home Repairs

Your home may have taken a lot of abuse from all the crazy winter weather. Don't put off necessary home repairs. Hire a trusted Atlanta Repair & Restoration company to ensure that your home is in good hands.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

5 Things You Can Do To Quickly Improve Your Home's Value

We put a lot of time, money and energy into our homes. We do this for many different reasons, including maintaining the value of our home. Many homeowners don't plan to stay in their current residence forever. When you are ready to sell your house, it's value is crucial. You want to get the most money possible for your home when you are ready to sell it.

Here are 5 things you can do to quickly improve your home's value:

Paint Your Home

Painting your home inside and outside if needed, can offer you a significant bang for your buck. In comparison to many other home updates, it is relatively inexpensive, but makes a dramatic difference in the appearance of your home.

Update Your Landscaping

Curb appeal is a big deal when you want to sell your home. The last thing you want is a potential buyer to be turned off even before they walk through the door. Don't forget about the backyard either. Even if you don't use it much, many of the people viewing your home would. If your landscaping is in real disarray, it may be worth it to hire a professional landscaping company to handle the job.

Remodel Your Kitchen

Kitchens are extremely important to most home buyers. Outdated or neglected kitchen cabinets and countertops can be a deal breaker for many home buyers. Research the current trends and hire a reputable company to handle your kitchen remodel. 

Cut Your Energy Costs

Your energy costs may be a point of concern for potential buyers. According to Consumer Reports, "...'energy-­efficient was second only to “safe community” on the list of attributes that would most influence a purchase decision, according to a 2015 survey by the National Association of Home Builders."

Make Necessary Home Repairs

Don't assume that a buyer will be fine with making even minor repairs. Most buyers would prefer the home to be in move-in condition. Not to mention, serious repairs can cause you to fail your inspection. You need to work with a reliable and experienced home repair & restoration company to ensure all necessary repairs are done correctly before you sell your home.

Home Repair & Restoration Company in Atlanta

Lang is a respected and trusted home repair & restoration company in Atlanta. We can help you get your home in tip-top shape before you put it on the market. Contact us today for a complimentary estimate. 

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

4 Signs That Your House Is Ready For A Remodel

Is your home in desperate need of an updated look and overdue repairs? Your home is supposed to be your castle, so why neglect it? If your home is crying out for help, listen.

Here are 4 Signs That Your House is Ready for a Remodel:

1. Your Home Shows Signs of Damage and/or Deterioration:

If your home has signs of damage and deterioration, including foundation cracks, roof damage or leaks, flooring issues or mold, then you definitely need an immediate inspection. It is probably time for some essential repairs and needed remodeling.

2. Your Home Lacks Space:

A remodel can help you open up your home and eliminate that overcrowded feeling. You may not even need an addition to accomplish this. There are many options that can increase your usable space. Removing walls, expanding storage space and finishing your basement are just a few ways to increase your space.

3. Your Utility Bills Are High:

There are many upgrades that you can include in a home remodel that will reduce your utility bills. This is a great investment in your home that can bring you significant savings on your energy costs. Going Green is always great!

4. Your Paint Is Stale or Outdated:

The interior and exterior paint on your home is not intended to be there for a lifetime. A fresh coat of paint can completely transform your home. Chipping or dull paint can really diminish the beauty of your home.

Lang Restoration Completes Home Remodeling In Metro Atlanta

When you are ready to start your home remodeling project, you need a trusted and experienced team you can depend upon. We have decades of experience with home remodels and repairs. Just contact us for a free estimate.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Recent Client Reviews For Lang Restoration

At Lang Restoration client satisfaction is absolutely paramount. We strive to offer 5-Star Service on every job. Check out some recent client reviews for Lang Restoration:

"Dakota is awesome! This company from the owner down understands customer service & nothing but exceptional 5 star service. Thanks"
S. Anthony

"I am completely in awe of the wonderful job LANG did on my basement! Unfortunately we recently had a sewage backup caused by a sump pump malfunction in my basement to the point of needing total repair. Fortunately, we were given a reference from a friend to use Lang Restoration and Construction to handle the job. And that’s just what they did!!! Due to the damage and extensive repairs, my family and I had to leave the house and stay in a hotel as the work was being done and it literally was as if we were on vacation! Jimmy, our PM handled the job so professionally that aside from basic needed questions, we weren’t bothered at all. The job was completed in a timely manner and was beyond our expectations. My family and I were extremely pleased with the entire ordeal and loved the “new” basement! We definitely recommend this company to anyone else who may need any services ever! You will NOT be disappointed! THANKS SO MUCH LANG!"
B. Alexander

"Lang Reconstruction did a great job putting on a new roof in early Feb 2018.  Very professional and courteous.  Wendell estimated the 42 squares after inspection and the crew removed and installed a new roof in two days, even with threatening weather.  Job looks great and has held up well; with our approval they even added vents to help with cooling...I give them 5 stars."
C. Tall

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