Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Home Improvement Trends 2019

home improvement trends

So what are the hot home improvement trends in 2019? Want to optimize your home for beauty, comfort, and functionality? Check out some of the latest home improvement trends below.

New Cabinetry

Your cabinets can be either an eyesore or an asset to your home. Many older homes may have outdated cabinets that don't match the updated furniture and decor of your home. Installing modern cabinetry can exponentially improve the overall look of your home. You may also benefit from increased storage space from making this upgrade. Be sure to choose high-grade cabinetry that will be both durable and eye-catching.

Vinyl Flooring

Hardwood floors are declining in popularity. Many homeowners are now choosing engineered wood, vinyl, and laminate. There are so many beautiful options that are durable and more cost effective. This trend will probably be around for a while as new styles flood the marketplace. Installing new vinyl floors will not only improve the look of your home but will likely increase its value too.

Indoor Swings

Indoor swings have become increasingly popular for a reason. Swinging is no longer just an outdoor activity. Stylish, comfy and fun indoor swings can create a magical and whimsical feel to almost any space in your home. From living rooms to kids bedrooms, swings can create a relaxing mini-retreat. Installing an indoor swing can add life to your home.

Home Improvement Contractors

When you are ready to make some quality home improvements to your home, you need to choose a qualified company to take on the job. At Lang, we pride ourselves on being trusted home improvement contractors in Metro Atlanta. Tell us how we can help you with your next project.

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