Thursday, July 23, 2015

How To Deal With Your Insurance Company After A Disaster Damages Your Property

Your insurance company plays a big role in recovering after a disaster strikes. Property damages, personal injuries and related losses need to be accounted for financially. Contacting your insurance company immediately after a disaster is imperative. Here are some tips on how to deal with your insurance company after a disaster strikes:

CONTACT YOUR INSURANCE AGENT IMMEDIATELY: Call your agent and notify them of the disaster and find out details on your coverage and ask how long you have to file a claim.  Be sure they understand that you are relying on them to communicate any and all pertinent information and for assistance getting your claim filed and approved.

TAKE PICTURES & VIDEO OF THE DAMAGE: Be sure to take pictures and video footage if possible and safe. You will want proof of what your property looked like immediately after the damage occurred. Be sure to create back up copies of all pictures and videos as well. 

MITIGATE FURTHER PROPERTY DAMAGE: Ensure that temporary measures are taken to prevent further damage. Boarding up windows, using tarps and have electrical equipment checked are just a few of things you may need to do. You want to preserve as much property and structural integrity as possible. 

After a disaster damages your property in Metro Atlanta, you need a contractor you can trust for your disaster restoration. We Are A Preferred Contractor for Insurance Claims.  Lang Restoration & Construction has a team of professionals that are excellent with handling the insurance claims process from beginning to end. We are well versed in the claims procedures and protocols when it comes to obtaining the necessary approvals to make sure that the process is simple and easy. Call us to learn more.

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